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[Request] Desperately Seeking Wheatley (PandaKaii)
DISCLAIMER: I *know* that sometimes MMD artists leave the scene and pull down their models, wishing for nobody else to be able to use them, usually due to some conflicts where they feel to be wronged in some way. But I also know that this is not the case. I investigated PandaKaii's account in the WayBackMachine, and looks like it is merely a matter of premium account being expired. So I suppose it's not against MMD ethics to ask for her models to be shared.

Hence, the request. I've been looking for "human Wheatley" MMD models, and there are just two worthies: one is by Angellbaby, and another by PandaKaii... sadly, the latter is available only in pictures. They are quite different in style, and not at all interconvertible - for some ideas to implement one fits well but not another, for others vice versa.

So... I realize that it's five years late to ask, but doesn't anybody still have this particular Wheatley model on their HD that they'd be able to send my way? I'd *really* like to be able to use both.

Thank you very much in advance.

Models used for the picture: Chell by The-Mystery-Raccoon (aka pinkwormy). The Wheatley core is mine.
Portal/Portal2 signage panel for MMD, DL
The adjustable signage panel, extracted from game files and remastered for MMD. Use facial sliders to adjust its properties:

Upper left group: replaces panel's default texture to half-bright and turned-off state. There's also a set of "decrepit" textures used by the second game.

Upper right group: adjusts the chamber number. Use "Level num +1" and "Level num +10" to change units and tens respectively. "Max num +1" and "Max num +10" do the same for the total amount of chambers. If you have trouble setting the precise value of a slider by hand - use the numeric input field instead: 0.1 for "1", 0.2 for "2", etc. "Progress bar" is, well, for progress bar.

Lower right group: these regulate the intensity of displayed symbols "FadeIcon1"-"FadeIcon10" adjust individual hazard pictograms. "Fade all" bleaches the whole picture at once.

Drop me a note if you use the model.


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I was thinking you and I should team up on a tutorial on how to use search engines to answer commonly encountered problems :)
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Unfortunately, people who are too lazy to use search engines even to most common questions, wouldn't read that tutorial either. {{{(>_<)}}}
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Thanks for watching :iconaddicted2portals:! :)
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Also if you want to member version you will get access to uploading journal through us and if you have valve or gmod related stuff the upload process to us will be faster but that is your choice.

Also we just got a steam page up for the group here

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